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Sean Kelly - Product Designer & Developer

I love making functional art. 

I became interested in fashion design while studying Illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. At the time I thought I wanted to be an Illustrator and comic artist. My  fashion interests began to lean more and more toward outdoor apparel and finally landed on ultralight product design, which ultimately led me to Utah State University's outdoor product design program where I learned sewing and patternmaking among other skills. 


I recently graduated from USU's OPDD program with an emphasis in product development. My creative focus in recent years has been to educate myself on surfboard shaping and glassing, which provides me with an endless rabbit hole of research and learning opportunities. I am grateful to live in Goleta, CA where I am able to test my designs at a variety of breaks along the Santa Barbara coastline.

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(805) 680 - 4740

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